What Is A Gated Community

Dated: 02/09/2016

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What is a Gated Community?

House in Gated Mountain Top Community

"What is a gated community and why would anyone want live in one?"

All too often people have misconceptions about living in a gated community.

They think that the communities' rules will be overbearing and will dictate to them how cut their grass, where they can park their cars, or even what color they should paint house! Others are concerned that the gated community HOA (Homeowner's Association) can raise their dues any time they want...

...but first things first...

What is a gated community?

According to Google Dictionary,

A gated community is "A residential area with roads that have gates to control the movement of traffic and people into and out of the area."

Now depending on the development involved, some gated mountain top communites are the bastions of the wealthy and the famous, while others are no different than any other family-oriented community.

Gated Communities and the HOA

However, the thing that stands out most in people's minds about gated communities is the HOA and its restrictions.

If you have pride in your home and are willing to take care of your home and the surrounding landscape, you will probably never have a serious problem.

The rules and regulations set out by a gated community's HOA are designed to keep up the neighborhood's home values over time.

Frankly, would you really want your next door neighbor to suddenly paint his home neon pink and green?

Or watch another neighbor transform their front yard into an "urban meadow" by seeding it with 3-foot tall wildflowers?

Or yet another to suddenly start raising Bluetick Coonhounds who bay at squirrels or other dogs or kids all day long?

And while cities and towns also restrict some of these activities, you often must file a complaint and wait for the department in charge to work its way through their paperwork process and the legal system.

This can take a long time and often lead to hot tempers and a lot frustrations.

HOAs on the other hand can often take swift action to remedy almost any situations like these, long before they can get out of hand and cause tempers to flare and feelings to be permanently hurt.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Gated Community

Gated communities have few public roads. This means that almost all of the streets are only accessible by residents so not just anyone can enter. Non-residents have to have prior permission to enter - usually by being buzzed in by a homeowner.

Gated communities often have common areas such as pools, playgrounds, dog parks or clubhouses with exercise rooms and space for hosting parties and events like weddings.

A gated community also provides a safe place for children to play without parents being concerned about them straying to traffic or wandering off outside the fenced in areas of the neighborhood.

Of course, you are obligated to join that community's homeowners' association and pay monthly or annual HOA dues for the upkeep of common areas, security gates, roads and buildings.

And despite what most people think, HOAs can't willy-nilly raise dues or dictate every minor detail about your home or regulate how you live.

But gated communities are not be for everyone, so if you want to learn more about living in a gated community, then we invite you to contact home listing agent, Skye Streppa, at 828.210.1684 or by email TeamStreppa@gmail.com.
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