What Is A Listing Agent

Dated: 02/04/2016

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What is a Listing Agent?

what is a listing agent?

“In real estate, what is a listing agent and what do they do?”

Basically a listing agent is simply the real estate agent who helps homeowners sell their property.

Also sometimes called, “selling agents”, listing agents “list” or place their client’s home on the Asheville area MLS (multiple listing service) and negotiates the best possible selling price and deal they can for that seller. 

The listing agent looks out for the interests and welfare of the homeowner or property seller. 

What does a listing agent do?

One of the most important things that a selling agent does is get the word out about your home. 

A good listing agent just doesn’t place your house into the local MLS with a “set it and forget it” attitude in hopes that a qualified buyer stumbles across it. 

They work to create maximum reach and exposure for your home so that the greatest number of people possible see it and that more potential home buyers and/or their agents can find it. 

A listing agent is first and foremost a marketing person. 

While a selling agent may not be directly responsible for selling your house (there are a lot of other factors that can kill a deal after all), they are often the primary movers behind why a home sells quickly and for a good asking price. 

As we mentioned, a good listing agent's job is to market and promote your home through various types of advertising channels – both online and off such as: 

~ Featuring it on their own websites (like this one)

~ Social Media like Facebook

~ Slideshow Videos – Animated photographs showcasing your property

~ Word-of-Mouth – Contacting agents and/or responding to house hunters

~ Holding Open Houses - Giving tours to other real estate agents and house hunters

~ And occasionally also using print and other mass media advertising 

The listing agent also answers technical questions related to your home from other agents and from interested house hunters. 

The single most important thing a listing agent does is provides unbiased counsel and advise to their clients on the best way to show or present their house for sale. 

Any listing agent knows that once the homeowner decides to list or sale their house, that the property becomes a "product" on the open market. 

And they also understand that for many people this is very hard idea to accept - that their beloved home is now seen as just a piece property. 

After all this is the home where they have lived for years (maybe even decades), held family celebrations, weekend barbecues and parties, and raised kids in. 

This is why an good listing agent is essential, because he or she can offer professional advice to their clients and help them get the best asking price for their particular property. 

When it comes to picking asking prices, it has been said that you can either list your home to sell or list it so that the other houses around it sell first. 

Frequently homeowners rely too heavily on data found on consumer websites to determine their asking price. Unfortunately the MLS listings and comps on these sites are woefully out of date or often just plain wrong. 

A good listing agent will always have access to the latest real-time comps and MLS stats as well as be on top of any rising trends in the local real estate marketplace. 

A listing agent's job is to communicate to their clients the best way to sell their homes, get the best asking prices and pre-qualify any potential home buyers.

Hopefully now that you know a little bit more about what a listing agent is, you can understand why it is important to find a reputable agent with experience to help you with your home selling process. 

If you have any questions about the best way to sell your home or about real estate trends in the Asheville area, feel free to Skye Streppa at 828.210.1684 or by email TeamStreppa@gmail.com. 

Skye is always glad to answer your questions and can assist you if you are looking to sell a house in the Asheville area.  
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