Whos Who In A Real Estate Transaction

Dated: 09/27/2016

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There are many different people that are involved in a Real Estate Transaction.  Knowing who is who among them will help to guide you through your transaction seamlessly.  Here are the players from contract to close.


Whether this is the buyer or seller they are considered the client.  Every real estate transaction starts with them.  If the client did not wish to sell or buy a home or property then there would be no transaction.

Buyer's Agent

The real estate agent that is representing the buyer and their interests in the transaction.

Seller's Agent

The real estate agent that is representing the seller and their interests in the transaction.

Buyer's Attorney

The real estate attorney that is representing the buyer in a real estate transaction.

Seller's Attorney

The real estate attorney that is representing the seller in a real estate transaction.


A professional (typically hired by the lender) who estimates the value of a home.  The appraiser helps the lender to determine if the value of the home is in line with fair market value  thus justifying the loan amount.


A professional usually utilized on land transactions, this person takes a legal description of the property and maps out the exact boundaries. The legal description in many cases refers to physical landmarks. Those landmarks can change over time—and there may be unintentional or intentional encroachment by neighbors over time. 

Home Inspector

A professional (typically hired by the buyer) to inspect the home.  The inspector examines the home for structural soundness and identifies recommended repairs in his or her report. Depending on the area of the country where you sell, common practice may include other types of inspections, including a termite inspection and a radon inspection.


The company that is loaning the money to the buyer to facilitate the purchase of a home or property in a real estate transaction.

Insurance Agent

A person who sells insurance policies.  Just like buying a car, you will need to insure your home at the time of its purchase.

Title Company

Once the purchase contract on a property is completed, terms are agreed upon, and financing arrangements have been made, the lender orders a title search of the property to be purchased. Depending on the region, a title company or practicing attorney can conduct this search. A title search is the examination of public records to determine that the person selling the property has the right to sell it and the buyer is getting all the rights to the property. The title search seeks to uncover any liens or other problems with the title. The title company then works to fix any problems with the title before issuing lender’s title insurance, or the loan policy. The loan policy protects the lender’s interests in the property. Buyers also may obtain an owner’s policy to protect their interests. In some parts of the country, the seller would purchase the owner’s title policy for the buyer—in effect telling them the house they are buying has a clear title. In other areas, the buyer must obtain the owner’s policy on his/her own. It’s a matter of custom so ask your local title professional how it’s handled in your area.

These are key players in (most) real estate transactions, although each transaction is unique and may have additional people or lack others.  We recommend having 3-4 references for each individual or company you use during your transaction.  Your real estate agent should be knowledgeable and have recommendations readily available for you to utilize.  We have several preferred vendors (attorneys, inspectors, lenders, etc) that we utilize in our transactions.

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